Threesome Fun: Vanessa’s Take

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Happy New Year 2011!! V here, wishing New Year’s Eve 2010 never had to come to an end. After having the pleasure (and what pleasure I derived) from reading Holly’s and Ian’s posts I wanted to share my thoughts on things.

As Ian mentioned it took some heavy negotiating to be able to spend the time with them both that I craved, the work issue and getting an earlier shift, yet it was nothing I want credit for. I needed to see them both and have the most amount of time possible together. Very important to me. Yes I was nervous..not at the thought of us spending time together, but there was my own “primping and preening” that needed to be done prior to the drive to see them. Didn’t want it to take too long.

I had asked Ian earlier in the day how I would be greeted at the door…just for my own curiosity..nice to know what to expect is what I told him. He very explicitly told me how Holly and he would “say hello” and was thankful for the wonderful thoughts I would have on the drive up.

When I arrived the Cinderella story began. The kiss from Ian, the kiss from Holly..truly I felt welcomed. Holly wearing a sexy black dress (she looked hot!) and Ian wearing a black shirt and jeans (he looks hot in black)…visually everything was perfect.

After depositing the things I had brought the fun began. In my opinion, fun can be an enormous array of things, but just the conversation that flowed would have made me so happy. Yes it was vanilla, and I at one point felt the need to incorporate a little flirting with Holly when I asked for her to come and see what teddy I had brought. I wanted her approval, her opinion. She loved it and quite surprisingly lifted her dress to show me what attire of hers I had to look forward to later. Yum.

Preparation for dinner was wonderful! The aroma from the chili simmering in the crock pot and the excitement I got from baking corn bread and sharing my knowledge (trivial though it may be) was fulfilling. Dinner was excellent. Lights low and candlelit. Could it get any better?

It was determined that it was time to change into our “movie watching attire”. As I joined Holly and Ian in their bedroom my shyness was not based on being uncomfortable. No one, and I mean NO man NOR woman had seen me in lingerie in so many yrs. That’s why I was shy. I joined the two of them in the bed, on Ian’s right, Holly on his left. The movie started, and I couldn’t tell you one thing about it. Not that I was disinterested, that I couldn’t take my eyes of Holly. Wanting to see how she would start to please her husband. Voyeurism getting the best of me.

I watched as Holly took Ian’s cock into her hot..His reaction, her reaction. I was very excited. As Ian mentioned we’ve also moved into a DOM/sub relationship (with Holly’s approval). When I looked into Ian’s eyes, it was not that I was unsure…I was asking for his permission. (I subsequently learned I need not do that in their bedroom). Taking him into my mouth as his bride lay next to me, encouraging me, was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. My pussy wet, my clit throbbing, I took
every inch of him into my mouth. It felt wonderful. Me sucking, Ian enjoying, Holly telling me I was doing a good job. Pleasure for all three of us.

Ian held back and Holly asked him to fuck her. As I heard those words I almost came myself. Watching the two of them together was incredible. I moved my mouth to Holly’s breasts. So beautiful…so tasty..I began touching, stroking her clit. I have never been this intimate with a woman before. Have experimented but nothing like this. To be sharing this moment with such a beautiful woman AND her husband, my best friend, was indeed an erotic experience. As Ian and Holly have said, things get blurry here. I relate to Holly’s assessment best. The montage. All the memories are there, it’s just the order that I can’t remember. Ian fucking me and Holly telling him to cum inside of me,…fuck that was hot. The taste of Holly’s pussy, her telling me exactly what she Sucking Ian’s

While New Year’s Eve was a most memorable experience, I feel the morning of New Year’s day truly defined our relationship. Ian and I did awake earlier than Holly (my fault as I don’t sleep well and my tossing and turning probably kept Ian awake)…we had “morning pleasantries” as far as conversation goes. He making sure I was ok, asking what I was thinking, in short cuddling. I began stroking his cock, knowing that as long as Holly was there I had full permission from her. I sucked Ian’s cock for a bit, then he had his mouth on my pussy, his fingers inside me, then the fuck began. I am not “noisy” so to say when things FEEL SO DAMNED GOOD, but did hear myself moaning and sighing softly. I felt the stir in the bed and looked to my left..met Holly’s excited eyes and reached out to her with my left hand. All the while Ian is thrusting into me. I watched her play with her frigging hot. I was instructed to lick her and couldn’t wait. As Ian played with her above, it was my pleasure to play with her below. The
sounds of her orgasm as my mouth was on her are embedded in my memories forever. The kiss she and I shared afterward was divine.

We shared a little more time together and it was time for me to head home. I stopped at the grocery store near my house and was asked by the cashier if I had a good New Year’s Eve. I replied:

It was the most wonderful night of my life.


Our First Threesome: Holly’s Story

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Happy New Year.  Holly here.  If you’re following along, you’ve read Ian’s excellent post about our New Year’s Eve threesome.  I’ll try not to just repeat what he wrote, but I wanted to share some of my own thoughts, both about our super sexy weekend and about the current status of our new relationship.

New Year’s Eve day was nerve wracking and exciting.  I spent most of the day listening to Life on the Swingset, my favorite swinger podcast and fantasizing about how the evening would go.  Vanessa was supposed to arrive around 7, so around 6, after a shower, I tried to lie down for a half hour nap.

After about 10 minutes, I gave up on the nap.  My head was filled with the imaginary picture of the three of us on the bed, watching our movie and the moment when cuddling would turn into something more.  Sleep was not going to happen.  I got up and went into the bathroom, put on my dress, applied just a little bit of makeup and put a couple of pins into my hair.

Ian poured us each a shot of Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey, my favorite alchohol, to calm my nerves (and his too, I think).  Before too long, we saw the headlights of Vanessa’s car pull into the driveway.  Ian went out to help her with her overnight bag and I waited anxiously inside the door.

As soon as Vanessa entered the house, I put my hands on her shoulders and kissed her on the mouth, softly at first and then a little harder, touching my tongue to hers and stroking her hair.  Her lips were so soft and she smelled wonderful.  I was still a little nervous, but Vanessa looked so beautiful and seemed really happy to have arrived that I felt more excited than scared.

We poured some wine and I chatted with Vanessa while she made cornbread muffins to go with the chili I had made in the crock pot earlier in the day.  The three of us visited and waited for the muffins to bake then sat down at the kitchen table for chili and cornbread.  Already, I was having a wonderful time.

After dinner, we cleaned up a little and all changed into “something more comfortable”.  Ian wore my favorite pair of his black boxer-briefs, Vanessa changed into a gorgeous little leopard print teddy/nightie with a lovely slit up the thigh  and I wore my super comfy and sexy black lace nightie.

Ian already had the movie cued up- Amelie, a quirky French film that I liked in college and we climbed into our giant bed, Ian in the middle and Vanessa and I on either side.  The movie was funny and we enjoyed just watching and cuddling for 20 minutes or so.  Finally, I could wait not longer.  I slowly moved my hand down to Ian cock and started stroking it outside of his boxers.  He was hard almost instantly and as I pulled his boxer-briefs down past his ankles and feet, his erect cock looked gorgeous and delicious.

Now this is moment that I find most interesting when I look back on the evening.  Here we were, three of us, half naked and cuddling in bed.  I thought I would have been more nervous or self-conscious to start sucking my husbands cock in front of another woman.  Ian and Vanessa have known each other for a long time, but Vanessa and I had only met a few times before this night.  I liked her very much from the start, but its not as though I knew her incredibly well.  Despite all of this, I didn’t hesitate for a moment to take Ian cock deep into my mouth while Vanessa looked on and stroked his chest.

Vanessa seemed just a little unsure at first and asked me to tell her how Ian liked his cock sucked.  I told her that Ian likes a lot of tongue and sometimes just a tiny bit of teeth and then I watched her take my husbands cock into her own mouth.  Ian had told me that Vanessa had not been sexually active for some time, but you wouldn’t have know this to see her suck his cock.  She was a natural and it was immediately apparent that Ian was enjoying himself immensely.

We both sucked his cock, sometimes both of us licking his cock and balls at the same time, sometimes taking turns, one after the other, taking his cock into our mouths.  Vanessa seemed eager to please and was clearly having fun.  I thought Ian was goingn to cum down her throat within minutes, but he held back and so I asked him to fuck me.

Ian placed me on my back, a few pillows under my ass to give him a better angle, and then slowly, but forcefully, put himself inside me.  Vanessa began playing with my breasts and I felt maybe more turned on that ever before in my life.  Ian and I had been talking about this moment for almost as long as we’ve known each other, even before we knew Vanessa would be one we would eventually be our third.  This fantasy, this idea, of having Ian fuck me while a beautiful, sweet, smart, sexy woman watched and participated, was actually coming true!  I was wild with excitement.  Vanessa began playing with my clit while Ian fucked my pussy and I was writhing in the throws of an orgasm in very little time.

Like Ian wrote in his post, the exact order of events gets a little blurry after this point.  In my memory, the rest of the night is like one of those television montages where I can see clips and images of everything that happened, but I’m not sure exactly when it all occurred, or how often, or for how long.  That said, there are a few things I remember clearly.

The most amazing thing I remember, and something I will never forget, was the sensation of eating Vanessa’s pussy for the first time.  I have kissed girls, touched my tongue to their, stroked their hair, but that’s as far as I’ve every gone.  Licking and sucking on a woman’s pussy was probably the thing that scared me most.  I love women and find them beautiful and sexy, but until I actually tasted Vanessa gorgeous pussy, I had no idea what that would be like.  My greatest fear was that I wouldn’t like it, that I would finally be faced with my first live pussy and it wouldn’t be as exciting as I had hoped.  Well, let me say this very clearly- that fear was totally unfounded.

How can I describe it?  I guess for you men out there, this isn’t new information, but ladies, let me tell you, a pussy is like nothing else.  Vanessa was bare shaven and I could tell her pussy was wet.  Her pussy felt so soft and warm and inviting.  I licked up and down, feeling her out with my tongue.  I flicked my tongue in and out of her hole and then licked and sucked her clit, which was swollen with desire by this point.  I could feel her writhing and grinding with pleasure which only turned me on more and made me suck and eat her more greedily.

Everything felt so amazingly natural. There was no awkwardness, no fumbling.  We all took to one another as though we had been fucking multiple people at once our whole lives.  I watched my husband fuck a beautiful woman right in front of my eyes, in my own bed, and I LOVED it.

The next morning, Ian and Vanessa were awake a little before me.  Ian begain to fuck Vanessa again and still in a sleepy haze, I kept my eyes closed, half asleep and just listened.  Vanessa’s little moans and sighs aroused me so much that I had to roll over and watch.  Vanessa was on her back, knees drawn up to her shoulders, her beautiful breasts bouncing between them.  I watched Ian push in and out of her, listened to both of their grunts and moans and suddenly was overwhelmed with a desire to touch myself.  I asked Ian for permission and started rubbing my wet pussy and clit.

While I played with myself and watched Ian and Vanessa fuck, Ian instructed Vanessa to lick my pussy.  Her tongue found my clit right away and while Ian played with my breasts, I had what was possibly my hardest and longest orgasm of the whole time the three of us had been together.

We all kissed and hugged and then got up to enjoy some coffee left over cornbread muffins.   We kissed Vanessa goodbye and like Cinderella’s coach turning back into a pumpkin, our magical night and morning had come to an end.

There is more to say.  A big topic which will need more elaboration, and maybe another guest blog from the lovely Vanessa, is the thought that we may have blended over into the world of polyamory.  While Ian and I are and will always be each other’s primary, there is no question that Vanessa is much more than just a play toy.  We both feel very close to her and I feel like it would be impossible to continue playing with her without allowing for a true relationship to develop around our playing.  We’ll explore this more in a later post.

Hope you all had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve and here’s to a super sexy 2011.



Ian and Holly Swing in the New Year

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I am going to try to put into words just how incredible New Year’s Eve with our unicorn was from beginning to end, I doubt I am going to be able to.

Firstly some background.  Vanessa and I have entered a Dom/sub relationship. She and I have been very very good friends for years and after her divorce some light flirting ensued, some conversations about my time in the lifestyle etc.  I could tell that Vanessa wanted and needed to be dominated and after some conversations with Holly to make sure she was ok with it, and after discussing with Vanesssa whether she wanted to pursue this, we began.

Holy and I had spent the day getting the house in order wanting everything to be as perfect as possible; food prepared, table set just right, candles throughout the house, new sheets on the bed, toys sanitized, etc.  Everything was in order.

Holly and I spent extra time making sure we were “in order” as well, Holly making sure she was perfectly bare and smooth, me with my cock and balls shaved, showered, shaved etc etc etc.  The anticipation was palatable. We were both excited and nervous, wanting this so badly but not sure what to expect however in the back of my mind knowing both Holly and Vanessa so well knew it would all end up spectacularly. Holly spent the hour or so before V’s arrival trying to nap, however I found her in our bathroom primping and preening, unable to rest. As Holly and i were slightly nervous we both imbibed with a few shots of our favorite whiskey, Bushmills.  We finalized a few thoughts on how things should precede as we wanted everyone involved at ease and comfortable.

Vanessa was able to change her work shift so she could spend more time with us and really had to jump through some hoops to do so which was much appreciated.  She arrived with some wine and her overnight bag which was deposited in the guest room.  Both Holly and I had a short moment with Vanessa, caressing and kissing her hello before the vanilla interests ensued. Dinner was prepared, wine poured conversation flowed. Both Holly and Vanessa looked quite hot and as we are all such good friends the conversation, and wine moved freely. I made sure to not drink too much as, though I can get and keep it up all night, I have trouble finishing when too inebriated. Holly on the other hand, and Vanessa as well, become animals.

Dinner was good, the company fantastic.  We all headed outside and had a smoke and then headed back inside to change. Holly had gotten us a cute French movie with subtitles, I climbed into the middle of the bed with Holly to my left and Vanessa shyly joined me on my right. I knew that though we all knew what was going to transpire, that I needed to make Vanessa feel loved and welcome and completely at ease.  She had been in a marriage where there was zero sex and zero love, and as Holly and I both love her, we wanted to make sure she knew that and felt it.

We began to watch the movie, Amélie, which was quite cute and eclectic. Both V and H had their heads on my shoulder/chest, slowly stroking my chest and arms.

About twenty minutes or so into the movie, as Holly had slowly gotten father down my chest and was massaging my balls, she pulled my briefs down and off and slowly began to suck my cock.  Vanessa stayed up by my chest and eventually looked me in the eyes, I believe unsure of what to do. I whispered to her that she should join Holly and without hesitation she proceeded to Holly’s side. Holly told Vanessa that she should take a turn and V slowly took my cock into her mouth.

Now since our relationship started over a year or so ago, Holly has quickly become an expert cock sucker. She has learned exactly what I enjoy and knows how to get me off expertly and quickly. H gave V some small pointers and for a woman who hasn’t been active in sex in over a decade, she hadn’t lost a step.  The feeling of her mouth on me was fucking incredible, not better than Holly, just different,  and I swear within a few minutes I felt as if I was going to cum deep down one of their throats.  I held back, enjoying both Holly and Vanessa taking turns licking my shaft and balls, kissing each other and just blowing my mind.

After a few more minutes of this Holly begged me to fuck her, and I of course complied. With a few pillows under her ass I slowly slid inside her as Vanessa moved to her side to kiss Holly on her breasts, eventually complying with Holly’s request for V to play with her clit.

Honestly the rest of the evening was somewhat of a heavenly blur with Holly, and I, both going down on Vanessa, Vanessa going down on Holly, more cock sucking, cuddling, movie watching, fucking, etc

What was most awesome to me were two things. First, Holly for never having been with a woman before took to it so easily and naturally. Watching her eat Vanessa’s pussy, have her pussy eaten by V, the kissing, fondling was so natural and erotic. Secondly, because we are all such good friends everything flowed so naturally, as if it was meant to be, and we had been doing this for years.

There are also some individual moments that are burned into my brain. The first moment V’s mouth wrapped around my cock, watching both be eaten by the other, their passionate kisses, our kisses as the other sucked me, the hand holding between the two as the other was between their legs.  The list could literally go on and on.  Hottest moment?  As I was fucking V missionary style, with H by the left side of her head kissing and caressing her, Holly said, “cum in her Daddy” (Holly’s pet name for me). This put me over the edge and with a few more strokes I was filling Vanessa’s pussy with a huge load of my cum. After a short clean up, as I was licking Holly’s pussy, Holly begged Vanessa to climb on her face and proceeded to lick and suck Vanessa while Vanessa bucked and ground her pussy, just filled with Holly’s husbands cum, hard onto Holly’s mouth. The sight of that will go with me to my grave as quite possibly the most erotic vision I have , or will ever have.
We all slept together that night, snuggling and cuddling, and eventually, as Holly lay beside us in and out of sleep, Vanessa and I began to play again, first me eating her out, then fucking her.  The sounds of us fucking turned Holly on so much she asked for permission to play with herself, which was granted, which led Vanessa eventually going down on Holly and quite possibly throwing her into the hardest orgasm I have ever witnessed Holly having.

Some final thoughts.  Over the past day or so, Holly and I, and Vanessa and I, have relived over and over this night and have pretty much determined that this was one of the best nights of all of our lives.  Holly has been listening to Life on the Swingset and was listing to the polyamory episode. Is this what we are now in, a poly relationship?  After some heavy discussion it was determined that yes, for the foreseeable future we are.  There is still the want, and eventually need, for us to swing with others, or maybe not, time will tell.  We both know that at some point we want to find a man or couple so that Holly can be fucked by another man besides me, and hopefully a bi man at that as I want to explore my bi side.  With this it was also discussed that we would like to include Vanessa in this as well.  Holly and I have also discussed, not just over the past day, but over the past few weeks, that I love Vanessa.  Obviously the love for her is different, but it has gone beyond the love you feel for a friend.  Obviously my love for Holly surpasses the love I feel for anyone, ever, however I do feel a love for Vanessa that is greater than just a friendship kind of love.  I have always been a very loving person and truly feel that I can love both of these woman, though differently, in a polyamorous way that makes us all feel incredible. As I have contemplated this, I’ve found this isn’t just something I want, but also need.

In conclusion, new years eve 2010 will forever be one of the greatest nights of my life, and hopefully theirs, ranking up their with my and Holly’s wedding and the birth of my children.

I care about them so deeply and love them both that how could that night be anything but amazing.

First Date: Ian’s take

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Ian’s take:

After reading both Holly’s and Vanessa’s accounts of the other night I thought it was time for me to chime in.

What a wonderful time.  As both had said they were both concerned with there being, not only a sexual connection, but more importantly, a friendship that was to develop.  Boy howdy did it.  We talked like old college friends pretty much from the get go.  The topics and conversation flowed smoothly and freely as if we had all been friends forever.  Eventually the topic turned to swinging, turn-ons, ground rules, concerns, etc

I learned in some deeper detail what Vanessa is looking for, and relish the opportunity to help guide her in what she seeks.  I enjoy the tutor role as the Dominant (sans the occasional pegging from Holly or my bi-curious desires) and look forward to helping Vanessa find her true submissive, at least as far as the bedroom is concerned.

Both woman looked extremely sexy and I could tell by the looks on their faces that they found the other attractive.  I also got this by the comments from each when the other was in the restroom.  Wonder what they were saying when I stepped away from the table?

I too, am nervous about our first play date as this will also be Holly’s and my first time playing with a third.  On the occasions that we frequent Trapeze it has, up until this point, to play only with each other.  What I took away mostly was we are quite compatible, all three of us, and there is a great deal of trust within our new relationship.  Holly mentioned to me that we now had a girlfriend and I find that extremely sexy.  Vanessa is the perfect complement to Holly and me, and already consider it now Holly, Vanessa and myself.  What Vanessa and my friendship has built over the last many years can now move forward into something that can become something of a long-term commitment.  If not, we are all still friends, and always will be.

The evening ended way too quickly, first with Holly excusing herself with the memories of a sensual kiss from a very sexy woman, and a new girlfriend…on more than one level.  It was then my turn to call it a night, wishing it could go on forever, with the knowledge that our friendship will always be paramount, the excitement of what is to come and a hot, long drawn-out sultry goodnight kiss.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that night and continue to replay it in my head.  I too am waiting now for Christmas morning and what will transpire next.

What an incredible pair of women I have.


Swinger Date: Vanessa’s Take

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Holly here.  We asked Vanessa to write a guest post for us, describing her view of our first date.  Here it is!


As Holly mentioned, the three of us have been texting over the past few weeks.  When the decision was made to meet over drinks, I knew and expected it to be social in nature.  As she mentioned we had only met once in passing and didn’t have the opportunity to talk.  I have heard so many wonderful things about Holly over the past year.  If she was half the person Ian described I knew I would like her.  However, I was nervous.  Would Holly like me?  Might seem like a trivial question to some.  Not to me.  Having been friends with Ian for so many years it was important to me, at the very least, to embark on a friendship with Holly.

The anticipation of our upcoming “date night” spurred so many emotions.  I was anxious, elated, found myself day dreaming and at times it was comical.  I felt like a little child waiting for Christmas morning.  Would the time until our meet please hurry up and get here!!??!!

On the drive to the bar my nervousness built.  Surprisingly enough this would be the first time Ian and I had drinks together too.  I can honestly say he is the dearest friend I have yet we had never been in a social situation.  I walked in to find only Ian there.  Holly would be there soon he reassured me.  Ian and I sat there chatting.  We talked about the job, we talked about his upcoming wedding, we talked just like we would at work.  It was comfortable.  Yet I found myself glimpsing at the door to the bar every time it opened, anxiously awaiting Holly.

Within the first 5 minutes of Holly’s arrival ALL my nervousness subsided.  It TRULY was like 3 old friends reuniting.  What a beautiful creature both on the inside and out.  Her face, her eyes, everything.  Oh and what a gorgeous, sexy, raspy voice. Yes, I was genuinely attracted to and turned on by this gorgeous woman. The conversation flowed easily.  What a wonderful time I was having!!!

Now the time seemed to fly.  Before I knew it Holly was saying goodnight. The hug and kiss that she and I shared, while almost innocent, was so natural and definitely left me with the strongest desire for more…to take our friendship (the 3 of us) to another level.

The time spent with Ian after Holly left was spent mostly talking about texts that he and I have shared over the past few weeks.  The conversation was hot.  Ian and I shared a kiss.  Was I uncomfortable?  NOT at all.  As I explained to Ian, it was like Holly was still there too and I was kissing them both. I desired to be kissing them both….and hopefully more.

I, too, am nervous about our next meeting.  This is a road that I have just started to travel.  I believe we all will be nervous….but we’ll be nervous together.  And if “our first date” is any indication things should come naturally.

So now here I am 2 days later and I cannot (nor do I want to) get that wonderful first date out of my head.  I find myself CONSTANTLY daydreaming about Holly, about Ian, about Holly AND Ian and what could be.  These thoughts turn me on like I have never experienced in my life.  This journey is going to be so much fun.


Swinger First Date: Holly and Ian Meet a Potential Third

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Holly here, with a recap of last night’s date with a potential new partner.

After much discussion and debate, Ian and I made a date with Vanessa, the super cool lady Ian works with.  We decided it would make sense to just get together and have a few drinks before we made a date to actually “play” together, as I had only met Vanessa once, and hadn’t really gotten to even talk to her that time.

Ian and I have been texting with Vanessa for the last couple of weeks and we told her that this meet up would just be social in nature.  She told us she was a little nervous.  I felt surprisingly calm.  Not that I wasn’t a little nervous about Vanessa liking me, but I feel so secure in my relationship with Ian, that I knew nothing could really go “wrong”.  Worse case scenario, the attraction would not be there for all of us and we would simply have a nice night of drinks.  Nothing to lose, right?

Well, to make a long story short, the attraction was DEFINITELY there.  Ian and Vanessa were both already at a table when I arrived at the bar and I was blown away by just how hot Vanessa looked.  Her hair, her face, her breasts (just slightly showing), her great ass in her cute jeans- I was kind of overcome!

The best part of the whole night was that Vanessa was not only hot, she was FUN.  We chatted as naturally as old friends about work, family, music, the holidays and then had a wonderful discussion of the lifestyle we’re all venturing into. It all felt so easy, so light and fun, but with a wonderful hint of something slightly dangerous- in a very good way.

We talked about ground rules, about the idea of friendship first, about the fact that no matter what happens with us in the bedroom, we will always respect one another and listen to each other as people, not simply sexual objects.

I have had some concern recently about Ian and Vanessa’s working relationship, but we discussed the fact that the two of them will continue to be friends, even if our sexual relationship ends at some point.  I know how much Ian values her friendship; they have worked together and been friends for a number of years.  I want Vanessa to know that her friendship with Ian is important to me too.  I want him to have good friends, both men and women.

The beer got the best of me, and I excused myself, promising that I would eagerly await our next meeting.  Vanessa gave me a sensual hug and kiss goodbye and headed home.  Ian followed about and hour later, sharing that he and Vanessa had shared a good, long kiss and had made a tentative plan for the three of us to get a hotel room in the next week for our first threesome.

Now, a day later, I’m still turned on by all the flirting and sexual tension of last night.  I genuinely like Vanessa, and while, at first, I felt like this threesome was more about Ian’s attraction to Vanessa than mine, I’m now realizing how much fun its going to be for both of us.

I know that I am not a lesbian, as I love and crave the company of a man, specifically Ian, but as I explore my bi-curiosity, I realize more and more just how nice it will be to kiss, cuddle, lick, nibble and in every way “be” with another woman.  There is something sweet about Vanessa, something definitely sexy, but at the same time tender, that I can’t wait to explore.

I’m nervous as hell about our next meeting.  It will be a first for all three of us.  There is still a great deal that is unknown, but after last night, there is not part of me that doesn’t want to see what happens, that isn’t thinking every minute about Vanessa’s lips, Vanessa’s hair, Vanessa’s breasts and wanting to experience them for myself and see Ian with her too.

And so, the adventure continues.  Keep reading, and let us know what you think!




Swinging Together: Tequila Makes My Clothes Fall Off

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Tonight was absolutely wonderful.  We had a lovely dinner with my parents followed by numerous homemade margaritas at home, followed by my climbing on top of Ian and begging to suck his cock.  What can I say? I’m a sucker for tequila and sucker for Ian (no pun intended).

After some nice cock sucking, we moved to the bedroom and I took the opportunity to pull out our strap on and fuck Ian in the ass- a special treat I know he loves and I don’t do often enough.  This was followed by some hot regular fucking (Ian fucked me from behind and then from on top) which was followed by some fun with rabbit (my favorite toy).

After all this, we flopped back down on the living room couches to watch some Modern Family.  (Ian says I’m like Gloria and I think he’s like Jay.)  When the episode was over, we started to talk about ourselves and our possible upcoming threesome with Vanessa.  One of the key things we discussed was whether or not I was ok with idea of Ian actually fucking another woman, at some point in time.  I told him plainly that I know, without any doubt, that he loves me more than anyone else in the world and because I know this for a fact, it only turns me on to think of him with another woman- as long as I”m there too.

It was amazing to hear myself say this.  Only months ago I had been sure that full swapping was over the line for me, but the more I think about it, the more I like the idea.  Ian asked if I thought it was hypocritical of him that he’s still not ok with idea of another man fucking me.  I thought about this, but in all honesty, I don’t.

I totally understand that Ian would not be comfortable with the two of us being with a man who was only interested in fucking me, not both of us.  I would feel just the same way about a woman who was only interested in Ian, and not me.

People call bisexual females “unicorns” because they are so rare, but I think its just the opposite.  I think that female sexuality is much more fluid than male, at least in my experience, and men like Ian, who are truly interested and sexually aroused by both sexes, are rare.

My one request of Ian when it comes to fucking another woman is that he gives me a nod or a simple “may I?” before he actually fucks another woman.  We discussed that this would not be a violation of his role as my Dom, but simply a sign of respect for the fact that our relationship is always primary, and a signal to the other woman that I am Ian’s primary concern.  Ian accepted the request with graciousness and totally understood my wanting him to check with me, even in the moment.

Our conversation will continue, hopefully for the rest of our lives.  This is what I love most about Ian.  He is so open and honest and is never afraid to tell me how he really feels.  I think that the fact that we both totally respect and love one another and also want to see each other as happy and fulfilled as possible is what is going to make this whole adventure work.

Whew.  That was a long one.




Ian’s take:

What an amazing night, but more importantly a great conversation with Holly on a wide array of topics.

A great night, a great conversation and damn was Holly hot.  I love when she gets a few drinks in her because her inhibitions seems to relax and she is more open to being a sexual beast, something I greatly desire.  It’s been rare for her, actually this is her first time to initiate it, to suggest fucking me, something I enjoy from her (and it’s shows her just how much of a workout from the mans perspective sex is), and because I wasn’t expecting it, it heightened the enjoyment that much more.

While watching Modern Family we started to discuss our upcoming night out with V and I brought up the ever-so-recently put on the table of me fucking another woman while Holly was in the room participating as well.  And then my feeling of hypocrisy slowly crept up from its depths.

Chiefly, my continued feeling of guilt, hypocriticalness (I’m making words up) and feeling of selfishness when it comes to another man in our bedroom.    I don’t know why I cannot get over the fact I don’t want Holly with another man, but it is OK for me to fuck another woman, with Holly their of course.  Then I read what Holly had to say and I think I finally figured it out, or at least I think I did.  I was more caught up mentally with the thought that he would be there for her sole pleasure, and that made me jealous.  Holly hit it right on the head when she said it would be OK if the other person, a man in this case, was not just there for Holly, but for the both of us to enjoy.

Because that’s what this is all about isn’t it?  For the both of us to explore our sexual fantasies, want’s, desires and need, but to do it with each other, our partner, friend and lover.  I’m still in my infancy, as is Holly, in exploring my bi-sexual  side and enjoying the possibilities that come with it, but to me the greatest part of it is being able to share it with her.

We do a LOT of talking in the bedroom, role playing, scenarios etc and hearing Holly say how much it would turn her on to watch me fuck another woman while she is kissing her breasts or mouth, or for me to be fucked (by a man or woman) while eating her out, or fucking her while she sucks his cock etc etc etc is an incredible turn on.  The scenarios and possibilities are almost endless and as long as that other, either man or woman, is there for both of us then I think I’m OK with it.  Of course safe sex is a must and we discussed that this isn’t something that would be on the table at Trapeze or the like, it HAS to be with someone we know, have feelings for and trust implicitly.

We stayed up past 3:00am having the most open and wonderful discussion that I think we ever have had, and once again my love for her deepens.