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Piercing Down There: Holly Gets Some Private Bling

Posted in Holly Writes..., Secret Fun with tags on June 6, 2010 by kinkyswingers

Holly here.  So, now that my lovely little pussy is getting to see and be seen, Ian encouraged me to live out a long-time wish for a labia piercing.  Crazy, I know, but I’ve always wanted one and since Ian is the only man who’s opinion really matters to me, when he said he thought it would be hot, I mustered up all my courage and went out to find a piercing.

Ian got a great recommendation from his tattoo guy for a place here in town with an excellent reputation and friendly staff.  We made an appointment for last Friday evening and even though my stomach was doing fips, I walked right in and filled out my paper work.  My lovely piercing professional took me into a room and measured my labia and we discussed exactly where I wanted it placed.  After that, we went back out to the main room and I picked out which color of barbell I wanted.  Ian thought I would pick red, as that’s my favorite color, but I really like the pretty blue one.

I steeled my nerves and followed my piercer back to the back room.  Ian wanted to come too, but I thought I would be even more nervous if he were watching, so I went it alone.  I took of my pants, laid on the table and closed my eyes.  The piercer pinched my labia a little, to make sure there wasn’t any kind of strong nerve connection at the spot.  She told me to take a deep breath and then told me to exhale as hard as could.  The pain was, well, intense.  VERY intense.  But, sort of like a booster shot, it was over pretty quickly.

Now, I have a pretty little blue stud peeking out of my pussy.  It will take a couple of months to heal completely and then I can change the barbell to a ring, which Ian and I both think will be super duper cute and sexy.  I’m still pretty sore and it feel a little weird when I sit or stand or walk, but its not bad and will only get better.  I love walking around with it.  Its like my own sexy little secret.  I was in Publix last night and I caught myself looking at other women and thinking, “I bet she doesn’t have her pussy pierced” and smiling to myself.

I love that Ian encourages me to go out and do all these things that I’ve fantasized about for so long.  Swinging is something we both want, and the piercing kind of is too, but ultimately, the piercing is for me and I love it.  Ian makes me feel so free, like I can do anything.  He doesn’t judge or think I’m weird, he just smiles and tells me to go for it.

Here’s the final product.  I’m a little bruised, but that will go away soon.  Enjoy: